Ware Housing

Roller Conveyor

Roller Conveyors are required for the movement of pallets, boxes and similar packaged products in a plant and the roller conveyors meet many of this kind applications economically. The benefits of roller conveyor includes quiet operation, easy installation as well as low maintenance.

Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors are best suitable for continuous production flow line, sorting, packing and inspection. This is commonly employed for conveying various bulk and unit loads over short or long distances either horizontally or along inclined paths, for transporting articles between various operations. Belt conveyors make material handling easy and cost effective by improving production processes and by eliminating human error. We manufacture, install and commission customized belt conveyors using high quality materials at a very competitive price.

Chain Conveyors

Chain Conveyors are the basic unit of conveyance of bulk materials horizontally, vertically or at an inclination. Its function is based on the movement of an endless chain, that is driven in a rectangular trough by an interlocked transmission chain. Chain conveyors engineered by us is designed and planned by professionals who have acquired huge expertise in providing industrial conveyor solutions. They are extremely flexible and robust equipments applied as loading, unloading or seperating units which occupies very less space and can be easily integrated into existing plant.

Slave Pallets

Slave Pallets are very flexible and dynamic for handling ULD’s. They assist ground staff with careful and efficient baggage transit and handling. Benefit of using slave pallet is space savings as it can be stacked after use. These are engineered using high quality material with high load bearing capacity as per customer requirements.


Bins, are the rectangular box with one open side at the top, normally used for storing large volume of material and transporting all at a time. Bins finds its application in Warehousing for storing, transporting the material to and from the plant apart from other wider applications. The bins manufactured using Mild steel are normally robust and possess long life. They are available in a wide range of sizes and we design and manufacture these bins exactly as per customer requirements using high quality steel.

Steel Pallets

Steel pallets for cargo designed by us, are primarily intended for storing and cargo handling purposes. These pallets are specifically engineered to meet cargo demands like increasing floor space, easy access to forklifts for easy retrievals and placement of pallets. These are also engineered taking into account warehouse layout, load capacities and application requirements.

Facility Management

Facility Management involves development of ideal facility layout and indentifying ideal site locations and equipments enabling the operations of the company to run smoothly and efficiently. VS Proto Fabs comprises of high skilled professionals, offering wide range of facility management solutions for different projects that meets the customer’s needs. We have currently undertaken facilities management works such as repairs, maintenance, utility systems management, to name a few, with some of our esteemed customers. This allows our customers to focus on their core competencies, increase operating efficiency, reduce obsolescence and carrying costs.