Property Fencing & Barrication

Fencing comes in many styles and materials such as Wrought Iron Fence, Vinyl Fence, Aluminum Metal Fence and Wood Fence. Our expertise is in manufacturing fences and Barrication using Mild Steel. The types of fencing and Barrication done by us are:

  • Aluminum Fencing
  • Steel Fencing
  • Expanded Metal
  • Chain Link
  • Weld Mesh
  • Temporary Barriers
  • Permanent Barriers
  • Bonded Areas Fencing

Hand Railings

We make customized hand railings in different sizes, thickness and materials such as Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Brass for commercial, residential and office buildings with optimum quality at highly competitive rates.

Stainless Steel Hand Railings require low maintenance. They are timeless, enduring, elegant and fine, robust and industrial which can be placed in harsh environments. The main benefit of using stainless steel is it offers maintenance free performance.

Mild Steel Hand Railings are the most economic ones when compared to hand railings made from other steels. Mild steel hand railings are generally tough and have high strength because of low carbon percentage.

Brass Hand Railings not only improves the beauty when used but it also adds value to the structure. They are durable material. The main advantage of using brass is that it is eco-friendly. The material is also hygienic due to its so called bacteriostatic property and is the most recycled industrial material.

Steel Grills & Supports

We make customized and superior quality steel grills which are made from high grade mild steel for commercial, residential and office buildings at competitive rates. The grilling work done from mild steel is extremely durable due to low carbon content. Mild Steel Grills are also extremely economic.

Pergolas (Land Scaping)

Pergolas resemble gazebos closely. Generally, they are built using a set of pillars that support a cross-hatch structure of beams. Pergola, an overhead structure, is usually used to make the outdoors more inviting, to extend livable space, to create a shady retreat, and serve as a major landscaping element. Most pergolas are built from wood as it is easy to cut, shape, and fabricate but we specialize in pergolas built with Mild steel of varied sizes and design as per site conditions.

Elevation Glass

Be it transparent or tinted, Elevation glass with steel supports provides the much required finishing touch to the otherwise architectured commercial and/or residential buildings by providing elegant and stylish look. A lot of effort, in terms of money and man-power, goes into planning to get the elevation of a building right as it sets up the mood of the people who are either residing or working there. We offer our service of providing tailor made solutions for complex shapes in glass facades including structural analysis, extrusion design and panel design suiting the architect’s concept.

Steel Structures

Steel Structure is the general term used where machined steel is used as a base for creating the elevation/profile of the structure. Usually Beams, Channels, Plates, Angles and hollow tubes are widely used for such purposes. These help the structure withstand and overcome the various loads such as seismic loads, vibrations etc., that it is subjected to. With a well qualified team of engineers, we offer our services of planning, designing, fabricating and setting up the steel structures using high quality steel as per customer expectations.

Car Parking System

With the space availability in the congested cities being limited and ever increasing number of new vehicles on the road every year, it becomes a daunting task to allocate space for parking the vehicles. Maximizing the utilization of vertical and horizontal space is the solution for increasing the number of slots for car parking within the limited space. We engage professionals with significant experience in planning these systems to offer a wide range of reliable car parking systems that make optimal use of space to park maximum number of cars.

Cable Trays & Accessories

Generally in companies, overhead wiring of cables for electrification, ACs, CCTVs, etc are done. These wires needs to be covered to give a clean look and cannot be left dangling without any protection and support. Cable Trays and Accessories comes into picture and finds its application at such places. Normally the cable trays are manufactured using sheet metals and are light in weight. We provide cable trays, accessories and its installation services by proper planning based on site conditions.

Cable Trays & Accessories

CCTV & Access Control Systems: Security for people, assets and systems should be primary concern of any organization and the level of protection for these can be increased by using a variety of surveillance systems and access control technologies. We provide customized security solutions using state-of-the-art technologies much to the customer’s expectations.

Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler System: With many high-rise sophisticated buildings being built and many people being employed in them, safety of the people working there becomes a primary concern. As per the safety act, Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler System is mandatory at such places. This system is highly reliable and effective for ensuring the fire-security of an area. It is used in varied commercial and non-commercial areas such as offices, workplaces, residences and many other places. Having huge experience in installation and maintenance, we provide this system as per customer requirements at a very economic rate.

Fire Rated Shutters: Fire Rated Shutters are similar in looks and operates in the same way as standard steel rolling shutters. The physical differences are that materials used are heavier and require more fixings. They are designed to compartmentalize the spread of flames to protect contents from burning during fire situations. Fire rated shutters usually comes with two hour and four hour fire ratings and can be equipped with various detection devices to suit a wide range of applications. They are also available with manual or electrical operation.

Fire Alarm Systems: It is common news now-a-days in newspaper about the accidents in commercial and residential buildings due to fire. This is because of the absence of the fire alarm systems in those buildings. If you are concerned about the safety of people residing or working there and are also concerned about your business assets, then we can help you in safeguarding them. With significant expertise in installation and commission of fire alarm systems, we offer our services of installation and commission of state-of-the-art solutions as per customer requirements.

In addition to...

In addition to the listed products, we also perform supply, fabrication and installation work on

  • Mezzanine Platform
  • Skylight for Commercial and Residential Complex
  • Temporary Sheds
  • Smoking Shelters
  • Two Wheeler & Four Wheeler Parking Solutions
  • Sliding Gate Automation