Since the dawn of human civilization, humans have harnessed power of sun for various aspects in life but have not utilized it to full extent. With the rising population, demand for natural resources has soared high. Moreover with rising global concerns on the green house effect, the emphasis has now been shifted towards utilization of solar energy which is pollution free. Solar Energy is radiated energy from the sun in the form of heat and light. More people are now using solar energy in their daily lives as it is abundantly available and is eco-friendly. We at VS Proto Fabs provide customized solar energy solutions at subsidized rates such as

  • Solar Water Heaters for Industrial and Domestic purpose with a maximum 1000 ltrs. capacity
  • Solar lighting
  • Solar Captive Plants upto 100kw


Apart from the Solar Energy works, we also carry out the following Thermal Energy Works

  • Utility Piping for Thermal Power Plants
  • Electrical Works