Automotive Industries

Pre-engineered Buildings

Pre-engineered Buildings Design, Engineering, Fabrication and Erection services offered by us are done using sound principles of engineering and are the most economical and time saving ways of construction. The work on Pre-engineered Building is carried out by our highly skilled engineering team in accordance with the exact requirements of our clients. The design of the buildings would enable easy expansion in the future.

Jib Cranes

Jib Cranes assists in lifting huge loads by reducing human efforts significantly. They are normally used where heavy components needs to be loaded and unloaded either near workstation for machining or into trucks and also for moving heavy components from one point to another. Jib cranes are available with wall mounting and column mounting. We offer Jib Cranes for both types of mounting with varying load capacity at a very economical price.


Trolleys are designed and developed by us using quality materials under utmost care of experts. These trolleys are finely finished and well-polished making them durable and long lasting. These trolleys are mainly used for carrying huge loads on daily basis which are well known for their capacity, comfort and load bearing strength. We manufacture these trolleys as per customer specifications and applications.

Special Automation & Integration

Special Automation & Integration enables pairing two devices and automating the resulting process. Here the automation & integration is carried out with the help of programmable logic control (PLC), Sensors, etc. Commonly this is applied at places where huge volumes of cargo needs to be handled on daily basis like in the air cargo section where the baggage handling system handles huge volume of cargo daily; Cold Storage system in air cargo section, requires storing and retriving many pershiable items continuously on daily basis, the door of the storage system will be automated using PLC support and sensors. With a team of engineers having strong industry experience, we provide the Special Automation & Integration solutions that exceeds the customer’s expectations.

Prototype Equipments & Projects

Continuous research and development is a part of any business. In a bid to improve business and enhance its market share, companies undertake building Prototype Equipments and Projects. Not all companies have entire capacity to build the prototypes on its own. We provide support to companies which uses MS or SS metal for building its prototypes or for any projects at a very economical rates.


Not all companies will be having the facilities or manpower to carry out Refurbishment work. Refurbishment is servicing and/or renovating of older or damaged equipments to bring it to a workable or better looking condition. We support such companies by undertaking the refurbishment work of material handling devices especially Trolleys, Roller conveyors and Ball Conveyors based on demand or through AMC at very resonable price.

Industrial Sheds

Does your business requires large storage of supplies and machinery? If yes, then you should consider getting an Industrial Shed built where you can store everything needed. By having the industrial sheds, the business can avoid having its workers go back and forth to warehouse to get the things that are required. These industrial sheds are larger in terms of higher roof and wider entrance . They are also sturdier than other types of storage sheds because the frames and columns are built using strong steel. If indeed you are looking at getting a industrial shed, we can provide the service with quality planning and engineering as per the site conditions and customer specifications.